Biblical Surealism

Other than working directly from, a life I have been using my imagination with reference photos to create new art with a purpose and dialogue while still using the Contemporary Classic realism. This series I call Biblical Surrealism uses selective references from the Bible which are pertinent to today’s happenings.

As I use my imagination while reading the Scripture reference, I create inspirational art. Scripture is multilayers which forms what I consider surrealistic thoughts and imagery in the mind.  Using these stirred ideas, I then find visual references and juxtapose them to create new art with the purpose to open dialogue for the viewer to consider what I have painted. I still utilize the concepts of Contemporary Classical Realism. 

Although working from imagination is a goal of mine once again, painting from life via still lifes or people remains to be a great way to grow as an artist. Doing art, one has to make the best decisions based on time restraints as to what one desires to accomplish in their choice of painting. 

A picture does speak a thousand words. I hope my art speaks to you.