Moore devi pondering oil 16x20

Portraits and Figures

Painting both alla prima and indirectly, I use live models capturing the model with an idea derived from the pose.  ​Painting directly from life invigorates an emotive quality for me as I get in my zone, silently interacting with the person in front of me, trying to capture at that precise moment of time what I see and feel. As I begin to make my first brush lines of gesture, it is my foremost desire to reach an authentic likeness. These paintings begin from the method I learned at Studio Incamminati in a gesture of straight lines searching for the shapes and proportions that are crucial for a likeness. The start predicts the outcome and is vital to the final painting. I am also interested in painting the light -I interchange using both North Light and Warm halogens, sometimes adding colored gels to create the light I want for that painting.

Portraits and Figures

The energy you expend in keeping up with your goals at each sitting creates the dialogue of emotions that goes down in color strokes and details. A picture does speak a thousand words. I hope my art speaks to you.

When I don’t have a person to paint, I practice with self-portraits as well as still life’s that I call my personal Vanitas. I use objects taken from my childhood and surroundings that speak of family and roles I had in different stages of my life, but in reflection, I work out historical family differences of perception.
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Still-Lifes and Vanitas

Other than the still life,  I have also been working on a series for personal reflections on my life, featuring  “there is an Elephant in the room.”  Still-life derived from the Book of Ecclesiastes portray "all is meaningless and vanity...".  So as I arrange and work on  still-life using my imagination to dialogue with the viewer visually assuming these things are universal.   I call these "Vanitas" which means vanity and corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits, as read from Ecclesiastes in the Bible.  So these visual comments, in a personal way, are about my family dynamics and understandings both of the past and present, eastern culture and western thought that surrounded me growing up, thus  the “the elephant looking in a mirror”, the dice, the number three are some of these themes. 
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Moore devi anne woman clothed with the sun diptycht jpg orig

Biblical Surrealism

Biblical Surrealism derived from my imagination and using the Bible as a reference, I paint inspirational art. I use meditation on the verses with  my imagination and photos to create new art with a purpose and dialogue while still using Contemporary Classic realism techniques. 
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