Seven Seals

These first seven judgments are the breaking of the Seals as the world enters a new era, revealing the preliminary labor pains of "The Day of the Lord."  The Star of David was the appropriate reference for the overall shape of this set since the time of the Gentiles was fulfilled. The first four paintings are the familiar "Four Horsemen." Rather than focusing on the horses, I focused on the props that the men were carrying as they were beckoned to go over all the earth with their judgments.
[Painting: Seven Seals form a  Disintegrated Star of David Formation to depict Israel back in the scene.]


The Seven Seals

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E-Book II The Seven Seals

This eBook of the Seven Churches has seven of her vivid visual metaphors with her elaborate explanations derived from the scriptures of the Book of Revelation and provides insight as to what and why the artist included these contemporary ideas in her interpretation that all come from her diligent study of the entire Bible.
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