These series are older works of art that still are meaningful to many people, so I hope you enjoy them. 


Foundation Park Series

Foundation Park was meant to be temporary military housing but, when privatized, became a concrete row housing district for the poor. Suddenly it was torn down, but before that, I beatified it after living there to reveal that we all are really alike, yet sustenance hides that. I wanted to elevate those who lived there. These were created while living there and experiencing what it was like to live in what most would say was poverty. There was a true sense of community and equality, normal and familiar just without the frills. Yet there was also the overwhelming sense of human needs that were without pretenses melting viewers' hearts with compassion. They are done in pastel and were considered by an art critic in Washington D.C. to be “Hopperesque” after Edward Hopper and by a local art critic criticized for making the place too beautiful. The place was torn down and replaced by government housing.
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Israel: The Land of Contrast

These pastels are about the intriguing desert hills around En Gedi in Israel, where  David lived as he became King over a 40-year time period. Their aim is to help viewers contemplate this ancient mysterious land and incredible rich history.
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Muslim Women & Children

Who are these women behind the veil? How as mothers and daughters and sisters do they justify or view the practices they endure in todays events? How do they pray for their own children? 
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Dramatic Landscapes

Dramatic Landscapes
Landscapes that move you to wish you were there and invoke memories of where you have been. I try to capture a moment that emotionally affected me in a situation. Before Pein Air was popular I would go outside and paint lansdcapes.  Through weather and bugs and even surprise critters I would set up and start these and then return to the studio with photos to finish. 
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